Engage your community around the PBS Theatrical release of the highly-anticipated documentary BILL NYE: SCIENCE GUY.  An audience favorite at festivals this year, BILL NYE: SCIENCE GUY will broadcast on POV in 2018. With intimate and exclusive access—as well as plenty of wonder and whimsy—this behind-the-scenes portrait of Nye follows him as he takes off his Science Guy lab coat and takes on those who deny climate change, evolution, and a science-based world view.

BILL NYE: SCIENECE GUY will open theatrically in New York City on Friday, October 27th and continue to roll out in select cities in the Fall including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, and Denver.  We want to invite you to partner with POV and PBS Distribution on the theatrical release in your market to share Bill Nye’s exciting journey to make science matter with your community and members.

There are several ways your station can be involved:

  • Alert your community and members to the film’s release.  We can provide sample announcements, graphics, and video assets for your station’s newsletters, member calendars, and social media channels.  This is a great opportunity for early audience-building to create momentum for when the film comes to broadcast on POV.
  • Social media giveaways.  PBS Theatrical will be working with select theaters to offer run-of-engagement passes to stations for online or e-newsletter giveaways.
  • Printed promotional materials.  We can send posters and postcards for display at your station and/or station events.
  • Join us in theaters. Bill Nye and directors David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg will join us for Q&As in select cities.  There are opportunities for stations to introduce the film or moderate the Q&A.

We will update this page regularly as additional assets become available.  Please feel free to circulate this letter and link to all relevant departments.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule some time to speak in-depth about station opportunities, please contact Sara Giustini at


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Bill Nye is a man on a mission: to stop the spread of anti-scientific thinking acrossthe world. The former star of the popular kids show "Bill Nye The Science Guy" is now the CEO of The Planetary Society, an organization founded by Bill's mentor Carl Sagan, where he's launching a solar propelled spacecraft into the cosmos and advocating for the importance of science, research, and discovery in public life. With intimate and exclusive access — as well as plenty of wonder and whimsy — this behind-the-scenes portrait of Nye follows him as he takes offhis Science Guy lab coat and takes on those who deny climate change, evolution, and a science-based world view. The film features Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ann Druyan, and many others.


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