Bill Nye is a man on a mission: to stop the spread of anti-scientific thinking across the world. The former star of the popular kids show "Bill Nye The Science Guy" is now the CEO of The Planetary Society, an organization founded by Bill's mentor Carl Sagan, where he's launching a solar propelled spacecraft into the cosmos and advocating for the importance of science, research, and discovery in public life.  With intimate and exclusive access —as well as plenty of wonder and whimsy — this behind-the-scenes portrait of Nye follows him as he takes off his Science Guy lab coat and takes on those who deny climate change, evolution, and a science-based world view. The film features Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ann Druyan, and many others.

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Director/Cinematographer: David Alvarado is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a passion for science, philosophy, and human rights. After earning his B.A. in Film Production from the University of North Texas, he worked at PBS producing and shooting documentaries. He later earned his M.F.A. degree from Stanford University’s Documentary Film and Video Production program, after which he moved to New York where he founded Structure Films.


Director/Sound: Jason Sussberg is a documentary filmmaker focusing on the art and humanity in STEM. He is the co-director/producer of The Immortalists, which premiered at SXSW and screened at dozens of festivals across the world. Past life: motion graphic designer; sports TV producer with the San Francisco Giants and Golden State Warriors; and community college film instructor. Present life: filmmaker at Structure Films and codirector/producer of the Bill Nye documentary.


Producer: Seth Gordon is an Academy Award-winning director and producer. His documentaries include the 2011 Academy Award-Winning Best Documentary, Undefeated, Freakonomics, The King of Kong, and most recently, Finders Keepers. His fiction work as director includes Horrible Bosses, Identity Thief, Four Christmases, The Goldbergs and many more.


Producer: Nick Pampenella Nick Pampenella is a film producer and talent agent who has known Bill for years. Throughout the past decade he has represented a diversity of talent spanning music, film, and television, and has also become a producer of unique live appearances on behalf of his clients. Most notably, Pampenella wrote and produced Bill Nye’s live show “Bill Nye the Science Guy: Live,” as well as curated “Off The Record,” a spoken word tour featuring Kevin and Joe Jonas.


Producer: Kate McLean is a San Francisco filmmaker who recently produced “True Conviction,” which premiered this year at the Tribeca Film Festival, winning a special jury prize and will be broadcast on the PBS series Independent Lens next year. She is also the producer of Jason Sussberg and David Alvarado's films “Bill Nye: Science Guy,” and “The Immortalists”. Kate is a 2015 Sundance Creative Producing Summit Fellow, a San Francisco Film Society KRF Grant winner and an SFFS Film House Resident. She has a master’s degree from the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.


Editor: Annukka Lilja is a Finnish-born New York-based award winning film editor. Her recent feature documentary work includes HBO’s How to Let Go of The World (And Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change), which premiered at Sundance in 2016. Her other recent documentary feature work includes Deirdre Fishel’s Care, Lotta Petronella’s Home, Somewhere, and David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg’s The Immortalists.



Date(s) Theater Location
February 15 & 20, March 1 Cornell Cinema Ithaca, NY
February 20 Secular Student Alliance – University of Kansas Lawrence, KS
February 20 newportFILM Newport, RI
February 21, March 2 & 5 The Dietrich Tunkhannock, PA
February 26 University of Georgia – Secular Student Alliance Athens, GA
March 2 The Music Hall Portsmouth, NH
March 2 & 4 Northwest Film Forum

March 2 - Bill Nye and director David Alvarado in attendance

Seattle, WA
March 11 Wheeler Opera House Aspen, CO
March 18 Center for Science and Wonder Las Vegas, NV
March 27 Loft Cinema Tucson, AZ
March 27 The Gund Gallery Gambier, OH
March 27 & 31 Austin Film Society Austin, TX


AFI Docs
Nantucket Film Festival
Traverse City Film Festival
Screenland Arts + Craft Beer Movie Festival
Nevada City Film Festival
Dallas VideoFest
Milwaukee Film Festival   
Tacoma Film Festival
Pickford Film Center
Hot Springs Documentary Festival
Cape Ann Community Cinema
Big Sky Film Series
Rehoboth Film Festival
Cine-World Film Festival, Sarasota






SXSW Film Festival
San Francisco Film Festival
Thin Line Film Festival
Montclair Film Festival
Telluride Mountain Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival
Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Los Angeles Film Festival
Ptown Film Festival
Heartland Film Festival
Sunshine Cinema, New York
Sie FilmCenter DFF, Denver
Gold Coast Int'l Film Festival, Great Neck



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“Beguilingly absorbing... thought-provoking”
— Variety


“An intelligent crowd-pleaser”


“As brainy, vital and captivating as its eponymous star, the documentary “Bill Nye: Science Guy” should warm the hearts and minds of science lovers, weather enthusiasts, environmental watchdogs and astronomy buffs…”
— Los Angeles Times


CRITICS PICK “delightful, revealing documentary”
— The New York Times


“Complex and delightful”
— The Sierra Club


“An engaging portrait of the man behind the lab coat”
— The Hollywood Reporter